PMS and Menstrual Disorders

According to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual disorders are categorized under menstrual problems. Many women experience menstrual problems, such as mood swings, irregular cycles, blood clots, different coloring of blood, and cramps. Woman that experience physical pain caused by menstrual problems tend to turn to painkillers, but it is very clear that this is not the optimal solution. Moreover, as painkillers do not have a lasting effect, you may increase the dose more and more over time to get the desired effect.

What Causes these Menstrual Problems?

  • Emotional factors. Joy, anger, sadness, over-thinking, frightened, or scared;
  • External factors causing harm to the body and mind. Harmful things may penetrate the Uterus and cause menstrual problems;
  • Your lifestyle is changing or going through hardships. Changes that differ from a normal lifestyle can lead to kidney deficiencies or organ damage that impact our liver, spleen and kidney function. In turn, this may block a smooth blood flow for women, and thus, causes menstrual problems;
  • Taking particular medication. Particular medicine (e.g., anti-psychotic medication, endocrine regulation of drugs, IUD medication, abortion medication) may also cause menstrual problems;

All of the above mentioned causes are excluded from abnormal bleeding in early pregnancy.

How Does TCM Solve these Menstrual Problems?

Findings of numerous research on TCM indicate that PMS and menstrual disorders can be successfully treated using acupuncture and Chinese herbs (i.e., the National Institute of Health in the USA – Chou & Morse 2005 and Chou & Morse 2008). The methods of treatment focus on the fundamental principles of TCM:

  • Dissipating cold
  • Clearing heat
  • Supplementing Qi

HerbsCommon herbs:

  • Chinese Dodder seed (菟絲子)
  • Field mint (薄荷)
  • Tangkuei (當歸)
  • White peony root (白芍)

Chinese medicine will be prescribed by your body type. It will be the fundamental treatment: adjust the body’s internal organs function and reduce the side effects caused by hormones. The prescription can be modified, allowing to tailor your treatment to your conditions and needs.

What are the benefits of Chinese Medicine?

  • Effectively treating the cause of the problem with lasting effects for months
  • Tailored treatment to your specific body type
  • Mild treatments and lack of side-effects
  • Improve fertility


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