Our Online Chinese Medicine Doctors

Our team members have more than 30 years of clinical experience, and have been lecturing at renowned universities such as the School of Chinese Medicine at the Hong Kong Baptist University. We have renowned TCM experts in the treatment of various infertility issues, cancers and immunity weaknesses.

Our fields of expertise also include gynecology, asthma, infertility, arthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatism. Our team compromises of Chinese Medicine physicians, professors, authors of several books relating to Chinese medicine and lecturers from across multiple institutions in China with members experienced in working as researchers.

online Chinese medicine doctors

Online Chinese Medicine Doctors

Clara Chan
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (006694)
English, Mandarin
Clara deeply believes that based on TCM theory, mind and body are well connected. Through using appropriate TCM intervention, the energy within the patients could be enhanced and in turn expedite their self-healing process. When the Yin and Yang of their mind and body is balanced, their health will be fully restored.Read more.

Michelle Zhang
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (007855)
English, Mandarin
Michelle is a classically trained TCM doctor. During her practice, she finds her passion in searching the connection between mind and body. She begins her journey in studying psychotherapy, hoping to explore the possibilities to integrate it with TCM. She has an open mind, and she regards herself as a companion to her patients to grow together.
Read more.

Grace Yu
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (006252)
English, Mandarin
Grace is a registered Traditional Chinese medicine practicioner with a very holistic approach. In addition to her TCM training, she studied craniosacral resonance therapy in Taiwan in 2013. From then on, she had a broader vision on healing and started having a deeper understanding of the world outside and inside of the human body. She emphasizes the view that the health resources and healing power come within ourselves, in that all healing is self-healing. Read more.

Why us?

The Oriental Balance Advantage - Our benefits and features

Authentic - We are Chinese
We are located in Hong Kong. Wherever you are from, you can tap into our Chinese Medicine expertise and our network of experts that all originate from China.

Practical - We offer what is proven
We address your health issues in an alternative, complementary and integrative way. We do not work miracles - we offer treatment through techniques that have a proven track record.

Competent – Unmatched Expertise
All of our Chinese Medicine doctors have more than 30 years of clinical experience in Chinese Medicine; they are renowned experts in their respective specializations, and have practiced integrated Western and Chinese Medicine at some of the biggest Chinese Medicine hospitals in China. The expertise available to you is unmatched outside of China.

Customer Care – We care about you
We care about your individual health issues regardless of how big or small they may be. We believe in empowering you and giving you control over your health by leveraging the ancient techniques of Chinese Medicine.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us anytime.