Gentlemen, listen up: Walnuts Improve Sperm Health

We often talk about the body and health from a holistic perspective, but there are simple steps you can take to target specific organs, and what could be more important than the reproductive organs?

Gentlemen, it is time to get some nuts. walnuts
BBC news did a feature on the benefits of walnuts on sperm health. According to a study in the journal “Biology of Reproduction” it was found that the regular consumption of walnuts can improve sperm count, morphology and vitality among other things.

This study involving 112 men came to the conclusion that sperm shape, movement and vitality improved in men who added walnuts to their diet over 12 weeks. Take a look here to read more details on BBC.

In Chinese herbal medicine, walnuts are ascribed the function of tonifying and strengthening the Kidneys which, among other things, govern sexual function and fertility. So, for those who plan on being fathers soon, try fitting two cups of walnuts a day into your diet. Take a look here at some more herbs commonly used for infertility treatment.

[staffbio staffname=”Grace Yu” staffimage=”” stafftitle=”Specialist in Chinese Medicine Gynecology” staffemail=””]Grace Yu obtained her PhD at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Gynecology. Her adviser and mentor is Professor Luo Songping, an internationally renowned gynecologist. Grace also learned Craniosacral Resonance therapy from an internationally renowned teacher. Read more.[/staffbio]

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