Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand our approach to your health with Chinese Medicine and to find out about our treatment solutions we answered some of the most frequently asked questions and prepared this section for you. Please feel free to contact us here if you have any more questions.

If you would like to learn more and understand Chinese medicine better read about Chinese medicine history, theory and common treatments available in Chinese medicine.

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Can you tell me what it is you do?
We are an online Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, which has a focus not only on women’s health, fertility and cancer, but general health and well-being. We have an emphasis on treating the whole person and use an individual mixture of Chinese herbs. We take great pride in applying an integrative approach and consistent training in keeping our practitioners up to date.

I live far away from Hong Kong, how can I receive a treatment from you?
We would like to make Chinese medicine available to everyone around the world. Therefore, we have developed our online diagnosis empowering you to receive advice from our Chinese medicine doctors via telephone, email or video consultation. You are welcome to visit our clinic in Hong Kong to meet our doctors in person.

Does my insurance cover your treatment?
We accept direct payments for our services and can provide you with diagnosis and invoice as required per your insurance. Depending on your individual insurance plan you might be entitled to a rebate of your consultation and medicine charges.

Which practitioner should I see?
We are fortunate here at Oriental Balance to have a team of experienced and diverse practitioners who are all equally well versed. We have both male and female practitioners that are constantly conversing as a team to ensure that you get the best experience possible. Feel free to take a look at the profile page of each practitioner to find out what they are best at.

How long will I have to take herbs for?
On average herbal treatment is 2-6 months.

Why is the treatment period so long?
Chinese herbal medicine works gradually and decisively. The main goal with is to restore and regain the patient's health and balance. When the patient's health is at its best, disease and its symptoms disappear naturally. Since restoring patient's health is the goal, the scope of treatment is much broader, thus it requires longer time to obtain.

Are there many side effects to herbal treatment?
There are rarely any side effects from the intake of herbal medicine if administered correctly. One of the reasons that treatment takes long is the mild action of the herbs and the "body friendly" work they do. When taken without supervision of a competent herbalist the side effects can be significant and sometimes dangerous. For 3,000 years Chinese medicine has worked wonderfully by following Chinese medical guidelines and treatment principles. In Chinese medicine, the treatment is different than Western medicine. We aim at restoring the original correct body functions. Often times health problems are solved from within.

Do I have to make an appointment ahead of time?
Yes. Our clinic is by appointment only. As a first step secure your consultation by booking one of our packages. We will contact you with the next steps and arrange an appointment with you via email.

Does Chinese Medicine offer specific treatments for my medical problems?
To gain the true benefits of Chinese Medicine the patient must understand that there is a difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Chinese medicine has a complete system of physiology and pathology, which is different then Western medicine. The ailments/disharmonies that Chinese medicine is assessing are different then Western medicine. In Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment are different. For example the hormone system in the body belongs to Western medical theory. However, Chinese medicine has its own causes and patterns of health problems, such as Shao Yin deficiency, origin Yang deficiency, Jue Yin malfunction etc. These causes belong to Chinese medicine and cannot be treated with Western medical technologies, because of a simple reason that these causes are not part of a Western medical system. Bottom line is that both medical systems try their best to diagnose and treat your health problem, however, mixing the two together will not necessarily produce the best results. Different methods, different strategies all with a same goal.

Do you guarantee delivery? Do you deliver worldwide?
Oriental Balance only uses highly reliable shipping services to deliver your packages. If there is ever a problem with your delivery, we will work diligently with you and our shipping carriers to get your order delivered. For more information on international shipping see here.

How long does your delivery take? Do you offer overnight delivery?
For domestic customers we do offer a next day service and you can also pick your products up at our clinic in Hong Kong. Your package will be delivered to you the next business day after your order is shipped. For international deliveries the shipping duration varies and we can offer you express delivery upon request. Customized Chinese medicine herbs are prepared for you and dispatched 1-3 working days after your consultation.

I have another question. How can I reach you?
Should you have any additional questions feel free to contact us here or send us an email.