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Integrative Cancer Treatment: Leveraging Chinese Medicine

Interview with Dr. Dong Qi-han MD

In a recent interview with Oriental Balance, distinguished Professor Dong Qi-han from the University of Western Sydney in Australia reveals how a traditional Western medicine researcher recognized the value of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the treatment of cancer.

Professor Dong Qi-han highlights the significance of TCM’s holistic multi-pathway approach in order to combat cancer cells that can grown accustomed to the Western medicine approach of single pathway treatment. He is currently researching TCM in curing and preventing cancers.

Prof Dong Qi-han applauds TCM for its effectiveness, low cost and low toxicity levels that may be used to complement western medicine in order to contribute to a more healthy society in the future.

How to prevent a cold with TCM: Jade Windscreen Tea

The alternative to a flu shot?
While I started exploring various cold remedies to battle the common cold and flu symptoms of my boy, I stumbled over an ancient Chinese Medicine recipe that has been used for more than 1000 years for cold prevention.

As every child knows: A good doctor treats, the best doctor prevents! With that in mind I would like to share how to prevent a cold with <b>Jade Windscreen Tea</b> (or so-called Yu Ping Feng Chinese Medicine formula).

jadeHow it works from a Chinese Medicine perspective
The Jade Windscreen formula contains the roots of Huang Qi, Bai Zhu and Fang Feng that all strengthen the Wei-Qi in our body. In Chinese Medicine the Wei Qi is our primary mechanism within our immune system that helps us in our defense against illnesses.
Each one of the roots has its own special effect which ranges from decreasing spontaneous sweating, reducing our aversion to winds and cold weather, strengthening the digestive system and protecting the skin against attacks by viruses and germs. All of which contribute to a strengthened immune system, which makes it a perfect flu shot alternative for our kids.

How to get it? You can either buy the ready-made powder called Jade Windscreen or Yu Ping Feng San. Alternatively, buy the raw herbs to make the herbal tea yourself. Check out the Oriental Balance recipe.

Chinese Medicine Doctors: Song Ci (AD 1186-1249)

Song Ci was a forensic medical expert active during the Southern Song Dynasty who wrote a groundbreaking book titled Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified (Xi Yuan Ji Lu). He is often considered to be the Founding Father of Forensic Science in China.

song ciSong Ci was born into a bureaucratic family in Fujian Province and a Confucian learner when young. He served as a presiding judge in the Chinese high courts for many terms. During his post at a criminal court in Hunan Province, Song Ci would personally examine the crime scene each time he encountered a difficult case of homicide or physical assault.

In all his life he dealt with numerous cases. Two years before he passed away (1247), he composed and published the five-volume Xi Yuan Ji Lu, which was his lifetime experience and thoughts on forensic medicine and the first of its kind in the world. It was completed more than 350 years earlier than the first European forensic work written by the Italian Forturiatus Flaelis in 1602.

Chinese Medicine Doctors: Zhang Zhongjing (AD 150-219)

Zhang Zhongjing (张仲景) lived from AD150—219 and was a Han Dynasty physician. He is one of the most eminent Chinese physicians and is often referred to as the Chinese Hippocrates. Zhang Zhongjing established medication principles and summed up the medicinal experience up until that time, thus making a great contribution to the development of traditional Chinese Medicine.

zhang zhongjing

Shang Han Za Bing Lun

He is best known for his book “Shang Han Za Bing Lun”. Not only did it contain over 100 effective formulas (many of them still used today), but the text implied a theoretical framework that led to hundreds of books analyzing, explaining, and reforming it. Today, the book is recognized as the originator of Chinese medical prescription books, as well as the most influential clinical classic.


Another section of “Shang Han Za Bing Lun” is best known for some of the formulas, such as the gynecological remedy Tang-kuei and Peony Formula [Danggui Shaoyao San] which is today applied to infertility, disorders during pregnancy, prevention of miscarriage, and post-partum weakness.

 His Life and Learning

During Zhang Zhongjing time warlords were fighting for their own territories, and many people were infected with fevers that often led to death. Very saddened by this Zhongjing decided to research and learn from earlier medical literature such as “Huangdi Neijing” and find a solution to the problem. After several decades Zhongjing finished his work “Shang Han Za Bing Lun” which became a corner stone in Chinese medicine history.
Zhang Zhongjing’s work spread to many Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Mongolia

Integrative Medicine: Using TCM for famous rock stars

Scotland and Harvard-trained, Dr Jamieson is Hong Kong’s most experienced ex-pat family doctor, with 25 years experience in Hong Kong and a wealth of knowledge in the areas commonly affecting busy expat lives, especially in the area of stress.

Dr Jamieson is also a specialist in integrative health, founding Dr Susan Jamieson & Holistic Central Medical Practice to combine the very best of Western and Eastern therapies. Dr Jamieson is most well-known as the doctor to the world’s most famous rock stars such as Elton John or Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones, to name a few.

Exercises to Stay Healthy during Autumn
Dr Jamieson also kindly shared a few simple exercises to stay healthy during autumn and winter. Practice these for 5 minutes every day and your health will blossom.