How Does It Work?

Your Path to Improve Your Health: Steps for an Online Consultation

We developed a convenient and fast way for your online Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Here are your 7 simple steps to better health:

  • Video Consultation - See our doctor using your desktop with webcam or a smartphone over the internet.
  • Phone Consultation - No computer or webcam? Talk to our doctor over your land line or mobile phone.
  • E-Mail Consultation - Ask your questions online and our doctor will send you an e-mail with his answers and advice back.

7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Health

Step 1: Book your online consultation
You can obtain professional advice from within the comfort of your home. Our doctors are certified and licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners specialized in the treatment of fertility, allergies, asthma, digestive issues, menopause, PMS and cancer.

Step 2: Fill in questionnaire
Our questionnaire is vital to get insights about your health history, current situation and chronic issues. Based on your medical history and your symptoms our expert can determine the roots of your health issue.

Step 3: Speak to our specialists
During your consultation with our doctor via phone, e-mail or video conference our doctor gains further insights about your situation and determines your final diagnosis. It is just like an in-person consult.

Step 4: Receive your diagnosis and treatment plan
Our experts set up a treatment plan by analyzing not just your medical history and symptoms, but also your body type and level of imbalance. The diagnosis report helps you to understand your health issues and how Chinese Medicine can help you.

Step 5: Order your tailor-made herbal prescription
Based on the diagnosis the doctor sets up a tailor-made treatment with herbal prescriptions and helpful tips on how to improve your health and handle your disease.

Step 6: Receive your personal package at your door
Traditional Chinese Medicine uses complex formulas and combines up to 30 to 40 herbs. Your personal prescription is prepared by our specialists and afterwards sent directly to your door. Activate your treatment and experience the consultation in the most convenient way!

Step 7: Find your Balance and book a follow up consultation
Convince yourself how Oriental Balance can improve not only your health, but also your overall wellbeing. Book a follow up consultation and start into a balanced future.

Start Improving Your Health

With the Help of Chinese Medicine