How to prevent a cold with TCM: Jade Windscreen Tea

The alternative to a flu shot?
While I started exploring various cold remedies to battle the common cold and flu symptoms of my boy, I stumbled over an ancient Chinese Medicine recipe that has been used for more than 1000 years for cold prevention.

As every child knows: A good doctor treats, the best doctor prevents! With that in mind I would like to share how to prevent a cold with <b>Jade Windscreen Tea</b> (or so-called Yu Ping Feng Chinese Medicine formula).

jadeHow it works from a Chinese Medicine perspective
The Jade Windscreen formula contains the roots of Huang Qi, Bai Zhu and Fang Feng that all strengthen the Wei-Qi in our body. In Chinese Medicine the Wei Qi is our primary mechanism within our immune system that helps us in our defense against illnesses.
Each one of the roots has its own special effect which ranges from decreasing spontaneous sweating, reducing our aversion to winds and cold weather, strengthening the digestive system and protecting the skin against attacks by viruses and germs. All of which contribute to a strengthened immune system, which makes it a perfect flu shot alternative for our kids.

How to get it? You can either buy the ready-made powder called Jade Windscreen or Yu Ping Feng San. Alternatively, buy the raw herbs to make the herbal tea yourself. Check out the Oriental Balance recipe.

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