Integrative Medicine: Using TCM for famous rock stars

Scotland and Harvard-trained, Dr Jamieson is Hong Kong’s most experienced ex-pat family doctor, with 25 years experience in Hong Kong and a wealth of knowledge in the areas commonly affecting busy expat lives, especially in the area of stress.

Dr Jamieson is also a specialist in integrative health, founding Dr Susan Jamieson & Holistic Central Medical Practice to combine the very best of Western and Eastern therapies. Dr Jamieson is most well-known as the doctor to the world’s most famous rock stars such as Elton John or Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones, to name a few.

Exercises to Stay Healthy during Autumn
Dr Jamieson also kindly shared a few simple exercises to stay healthy during autumn and winter. Practice these for 5 minutes every day and your health will blossom.



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