Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy refers to the use of herbs to restore and maintain the balance in our human body. Similar to diet therapy, herbal therapy is applied most powerfully when consumed on a regular basis.

In general herbal therapy helps to remove excess, compensate deficiencies, cool off Heat and warm up Cold problems, moisten Dry problems and dry up Humidity.

Depending on the ailment or imbalance, the Body Constitution, or the season and climate certain herbs are to be preferred. In Chinese Medicine over 6,000 different medical herbs are known, with probably about 1,000 in common use today.

Herbs can be consumed in various forms. Due to their convenience teas and tinctures are most common. A prescription from a doctor typically comes in the form of dried herbs that are ground into fine powder that can then be cooked up in a tea, consumed as a pill or be put directly on the skin. Read here about common herbs used during fertility therapy.