Are you an Optimist or Pessimist? Science has the answer!

We know that life events can have a dramatic effect on our outlook and attitude, however a study by Professor Tim Spector on two twins identified nuances in their genetic makeup that define whether they tend towards optimism or pessimism (BBC News, 2013).

It turns out our personality is influenced by our genes, but interestingly that these genes themselves may be influenced by external factors. They are constantly being dialed up and down throughout our lives, as we deal with our difficulties and celebrate our successes. The good news is that it is possible to intervene: If you tend to e pessimistic and want to be more optimistic, mindful meditation or specialist treatments such as CBM (cognitive bias modification) can help.

In Chinese medicine the concepts identified by Professor Tim Spector are well understood. People with a Blue Discomfort Body Constitution tend to feel blue because their vital energy is not circulating well which can have a genetic cause that is either inherited from the parents or shaped by life.

Along with the aforementioned practices such as meditation Chinese medicine recommends treating negative feelings with Buddha’s Hand herbs, Kumquat and Pistachio that all regulate and strengthen the flow of vital energy Qi.

Leverage the Oriental Balance online diagnosis to understand whether you have a Blue Discomfort body constitution. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety feel free to consult with our doctors online.

[staffbio staffname=”Grace Yu” staffimage=”” stafftitle=”Specialist in Chinese Medicine Gynecology” staffemail=””]Grace Yu obtained her PhD at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Gynecology. Her adviser and mentor is Professor Luo Songping, an internationally renowned gynecologist. Grace also learned Craniosacral Resonance therapy from an internationally renowned teacher. Read more.[/staffbio]

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