Weak Energy Report


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Diagnosis Report for the Weak Energy Body Constitution

15 pages of tips to lead a healthy and balanced life


Welcome to Weak Energy Oriental Balance Report. We hope that this report will be an inspiration for you to continue leading a life that is In Balance with Nature.

This report is based on the Oriental Balance Online Diagnosis tool. It not only details the Weak Energy Body Constitution but also features detailed suggestions on how to strengthen your health and lead a balanced life, including:

What to eat: list of recommend food, not recommended foods and easy-to-cook recipe ideas
What to drink
Beneficial exercises
Other lifestyle suggestions

If you have any question about your health please feel free to contact us anytime.

Table of Contents
– In Balance with Nature
– The Philosophy of Chinese Medicine
– Weak Energy Body Constitution in Chinese Medicine
– The Weak Energy Body Constitution – Causes
– Impact on your Health
– Your Path to Balance
– Weak Energy vs Other Body Constitutions
– Conclusions
– Appendix A – Weak Energy Body Constitution and more serious Diseases
– Appendix B – Shan Yao Tea

Additional information

TCM Perspective

The Weak Energy Body Constitution refers to a body that does not have enough energy to carry out its regulatory functions normally. Low energy impacts the body as a whole, as well as individual organs. This results in such things as a pallid complexion, weak voice, skin impurities, and other long-term side effects such as hair loss, increased aging and softening of the muscles. The source of these ailments is often a weakened spleen and lungs, the two major organs that regulate energy intake. Chinese Medicine has established that the spleen regulates the digestion and absorption of food and water into our body. An imbalanced and weakened spleen therefore means that food and water is not effectively digested. Nutrients and energy do not absorb fully into the body, resulting in a lack of energy. A suboptimal intake of vital energy via the lungs during respiration results in a weakening of the immune system and a de-energised state of being. The Oriental Balance Shan Yao tea not only consists of healing herbs to replenish vital energy, but it also promotes the flowing of vital energy and nourishment of the body by strengthening the Spleen (responsible for effective digestion) and Lung systems. A prolonged treatment with theShan Yao tea will gradually improve your health and appearance.

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