Chinese Cinnamon Tea

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Feel the warmth

Warm the body
Strengthen the kidney
For the Cold & Pale Body Constitution

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You’re a source of warmth to your friends and family, and yet you’re also the first to complain about the drop in temperature. Liberate yourself from the confines of your wooly jumper and get to the root of the issue. By introducing our warming Chinese Cinnamon Tea to your daily life, you’ll immediately warm up whilst addressing the underlying imbalances that contribute towards blockages in the flow of blood and energy. Seems too easy? It’s easy because it’s natural, and utilises the same ingredients prescribed in China for thousands of years. Take the first step toward realising a new balanced you.

Get the Most Out of Every Cup

• Bring water to boiling
• Use one tea bag per 8 oz. of boiling water
• Soak for 3-5 minutes
• Enjoy your cup of tea


• Package Quantity: 20 bags (70 g)
• Dimensions: 12.0 x 8.0 x 8.0 cm, 0.26 lbs (0.12kg)

Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant.

Additional information

Body Type

People with the Cold & Pale Body Constitution who easily feel cold or feel sensitive to cold drinks.


Chinese cinnamon (Cortex Cinnamomi) Nourish the Yang, Clear the Cold, Soothe Pain, Promote the Circulation of Blood Fox nut (Semen Euryales) Strengthen the Kidney, Strengthen the Spleen Raspberry (Fructus Rubi) Nourish the Yang, Improve Eye Vision Rock candy Soothe the Stomach, Promote the Flowing of Qi

TCM Perspective

The Chinese Cinnamon tea is specifically designed to rebalance the Cold & Pale body constitution, as per the Oriental Balance online diagnosis. Individuals with the Cold & Pale body constitution are often very sensitive to the cold and find it difficult to maintain the warmth in their hands, feet or even waist and back. This cooling of the body is the result of a deficiency in the natural store of Essence in the kidneys. The kidneys are a major source of warmth (Yang) to the entire body, so the Cold & Pale diagnosis suggests a given individual has a weakness in the kidneys. A Cold & Pale Body Constitution needs to be observed regularly and carefully since the identified imbalances can often lead to weak digestion, a pallid complexion or sometimes swollen limbs. In extreme cases, weakness of the kidney can lead to more serious diseases in the long term such as Osteoporosis, Rheumatism and infertility. The ingredients within the Chinese Cinnamon tea collectively address this weakness, correcting levels of Yang, enhancing the functioning of the kidneys and promoting circulation throughout the body. Other related organs are also addressed, with Fox Nut strengthening the spleen and Rock candy soothing the stomach.