Blue Discomfort Report


$ 9.99

Diagnosis Report for the Blue Discomfort Body Constitution

15 pages of tips to lead a healthy and balanced life


Welcome to Blue Discomfort Oriental Balance Report. We hope that this report will be an inspiration for you to continue leading a life that is In Balance with Nature.

This report is based on the Oriental Balance Online Diagnosis tool. It not only details the Blue Discomfort Body Constitution but also features detailed suggestions on how to strengthen your health and lead a balanced life, including:

What to eat: list of recommend food, not recommended foods and easy-to-cook recipe ideas
What to drink
Beneficial exercises
Other lifestyle suggestions

If you have any question about your health please feel free to contact us anytime.

Table of Contents
In Balance with Nature
The Philosophy of Chinese Medicine
Blue Discomfort Body Constitution in Chinese Medicine
The Blue Discomfort Body Constitution – Causes
Impact on your Health
Your Path to Balance
Blue Discomfort vs Other Body Constitutions
Appendix A – Blue Discomfort Body Constitution and more serious Diseases
Appendix B – Buddha’s Hand Tea

Additional information

TCM Perspective

In general, a Blue Discomfort Body Constitution signals that the Qi, the vital energy, does not flow smoothly in the body, leading to a general sense of discomfort. Apart from genetic factors, traumatic life events and a lack of work-life balance are major contributors toward the slowing or inhibition of Qi flow. Discomfort caused by the slowing of Qi may be particularly pronounced in the chest. Those with a Blue Discomfort Body Constitution may find themselves consciously trying to take deeper breaths to help stimulate Qi movement. When the Qi stagnation gets more serious they might experience a sensation of being short of breath. Various types of pain can manifest and the body overall does not feel relaxed. Psychologically individuals may be more prone to developing negative emotions, feeling ‘blue’ and this could develop into depression. The Oriental Balance Buddha’s Hand tea consists of herbs which together help to eliminate blockages. Furthermore, Buddha’s Hand Tea invigorates the flow of vital energy by strengthening the Liver system. A prolonged treatment with the Buddha's Hand tea will gradually improve your health and happiness.

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